Warp 360 kit incl. motor en blades

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De nieuwe Compass WARP 360 - The powerful HV concept of the future!

Gemaakt voor 6S en 350 size bladen!

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The WARP 360 - Low maintenance, user friendly, aggressive and quiet - The powerful HV concept of the future!

The WARP 360 is an electric helicopter of the coming 360 size. He represents a new generation of high-performance 3D helicopters. The single-stage belt drive provides a very quiet and smooth running. The almost rigid rotor head provides a very straight and aggressive response. Packs of 3 to 6S can be used, we recommend a 4S or 6S battery setup to use the full potential of the larger rotor without straining the batteries with high currents.

The not driven tail rotor during autorotation saves a lot of energy for the main rotor, which is very important in emergency situations. Because of the energy for controlled autorotations in 450size helicopters is very limited anyway, and only a few pilots are able to fly wicked manouvers during autorations with it, there is no real demand for a driven tail.

The belt width with 6mm and the large pulley avoids the belt from skipping, even with low belt tensions. The stylish carbon fiber landing struts fit very well with the look of the modern frame design and the canopy. Of course is the WARP 360 ? as a pure flybarless helikopter - equipped with an appropriate and ideally adapted geometry of swashplate and blade grip arms. The simple and clean design was made to fit different rc-equipement and to guarantee easy maintenance. That has been ignored for other helicopters in this size till now.



  • Absolute 3D capability
  • One of the lightest helicopter in its class
  • ECCPM precise aluminum 120 ° - Swashplate
  • Almost rigid rotor head without rubber or polyurethane damping elements
  • Aluminum / carbon fiber tail rotor
  • Extremely robust carbon fiber chassis
  • 6 mm wide main drive belt
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Low Part Count
  • Painted fiberglass canopy
  • 17 mm tail boom, makes tail supports unnecessary


  • Length: 693 mm
  • Height: 220 mm
  • Width: 105 mm
  • Rotor Diameter: 780 - 800 mm
  • Gear Ratio: (16T) 8,43:1:4.8
  • Take-off weight: 920 - 1030g with battery
  • Motor size: 6S (1200-1400kV) - 4S (2100kV-2400kV)
  • Motor Type: Electric
  • Blades: 320 - 360mm

Kit contains:

  • Compass Warp 360 Airframe
  • Compass Motor SZ2617 - KV1320 - 6S
  • Compass CF FBL blades 350 mm

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