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VSI with precision altitude measurement and variation via two independent pressure sensors. With its compact size and low weight of 5.5 g, the altitude sensor and vario robbe TEK is not likely the smallest the lightest and most accurate sensors (with double sensor TEK) in the world. With the identification (ID) of the individual robbe-Futaba sensor when the sensor recording (on the issuer or rangefinder camera) is automatically configured the sequence and the display unit. Unit specification vario altimeter: - high sensitivity of 2cm / s allows to use the lowest heat. - the lowest altitude variation of the model is shown. - the TEK connection compensates for "thermal sleeve", thereby speed changes are almost no effect with the release vario, sound and language. - the second additional pressure sensor can give very accurate elevation characteristics despite TEK variometer compensation, which also induces increased sensitivity. - the VSI is naturally compensated altitude (a 1 mbar pressure change in sea level naturally corresponds to a different value to climb 3000 m) - Conversion of pressure altitude in ICAO standard atmosphere with an accuracy meter. - the altimeter TEK vario is particularly insensitive to radiation telemetry transmitters 2.4 GHz. - Ability to update the software by USB connector, that is to say, the updates and developments may be made ​​by the user himself. - Very low temperature drift and long-term pressure sensor by mounting the pressure element on a ceramic support. Specifications: - metrological vario range: -300m / ... More 300 m / s - Resolution vario: ≤ 2 cm / s - Measurement of altitude: 9000 m -1000 m ... - altitude Resolution: 1m - Dimensions: approx. 37.5 x 22.5 x 9.3 mm - Weight: approx. 6.5 g - Operating voltage: 3.6 ... 8.4 V - Consumption: approx. 5mA

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